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JFC Norfolk

Joint Force Command Norfolk is one of many tangible results of NATO’s adaptation to the evolving security environment with 16 allies signing the Memorandum of Understanding for its establishment, and Full Operational Capability declared in July, 2021. The command is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia and is the only operational NATO command in the United States.

JFC Norfolk serves as the bridge between Europe and North America and was established to project stability, deter aggression and defend NATO’s Allies in the North Atlantic and High North, from seabed to space.

JFC Norfolk’s establishment and location embodies the enduring transatlantic commitment to collective security and defence. It is led by the dual-hatted Commander of the U.S. Navy’s 2nd Fleet and although the two commands are separate, they are inextricably linked due to their shared mission and geographic focus.

JFC Norfolk is lean and agile by design. It relies on its command network, including single service commands, NATO entities, national and multi-national headquarters, to maintain comprehensive awareness and coordinate the synchronisation of effects in the North Atlantic and High North. The ability to skilfully navigate in a multinational and alliance environment enables JFC Norfolk to contribute to the 360-degree coverage of SACEUR’s Area of Responsibility without undue delay.