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Robin Hixon Theater Technical Specs

Robin Hixon Theater Ground Plans

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Ground Plans 1

Ground Plans 2

Ground Plans 3

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Portable Control Rack

1x Roland M-300 V-Mixer Sound Board

16 channels input available in installed Ethernet snake. NOTE: we do not own an analogue snake.

2x Shure SLX-4 Wireless Mic Receivers

1x Tascam CD 200i w/ CD/MP3 disc player and iPod dock

House PA

2x QSC K-10 speakers (1K watt) and 2x QSub Subwoofers (1K watt)


2x Shure SM 58, 2x Shure Beta 57, 2x Shure KSM 137 Condenser Mics


2x Shure SLX-2 SM 58 handheld mic/ transmitters, 2x SLX-1 belt pack transmitters

2x Countryman B3 Mic Capsules (wired for Shure transmitters)


2x tripod mic stands w/boom, 2x short mic stands, 2x weighted extra tall mic stands w/booms

1-Element 250/40 Control Console

1 SR48+ -SR48+ Dimmer enclosure for 48 modules - Designed for 3 phase 4 wire and ground operation at a maximum of 800A, 120/208V, 60Hz AC

1 SR48 Door - SR48 Locking Door with Filter

1 CEM+ - Sensor Control Electronics Module

36 D20E - Dual 20A dimmer modules 500ms rise time (72 dimmers)


Pipe Grid-Schedule 40 pipe W/

7- 46' pipes

11- 28' pipes

77 Grid Pipe Overlap Brackets

55 hanger assemblies

Lot misc Bridging steel assemblies - 1x3 tube truss