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Virginia International Tattoo Hixon Tartan

For hundreds of years, woolen garments in the Scottish Highlands have had distinctive crisscrossing bands of dull colors made from vegetable dyes. As synthetic dyes became more vibrant, the specific patterns, known as “Tartans,” became associated with certain various Scottish clans. Every year new tartans are created to recognize surnames, events, and organizations.

The Hixon Tartan is the inspiration of Virginia Arts Festival Board Chairman, Jim Hixon. The Tartan was designed in Scotland by Alastair Dunn, award winning bagpiper and Pipe-Sargeant of nine-time World Champions Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band. The fabric was loomed by R.G. Hardie & Company, Ltd in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Hixon Tartan for purchase:

Various garments and items made of the Hixon Tartan are available for purchase on site before each performance of the Virginia International Tattoo. Learn more about the Tattoo.

The Colors:

The colors of the Virginia International Tattoo Hixon Tartan, steeped in tradition and bound to its roots perfectly demonstrate the rich heritage the Tattoo celebrates and the great state in which it resides.

The Dominant Blue, "Festival Blue"

"Festival Blue" embodies Virginia Arts Festival and pays tribute to those who bring the arts to life.

The Red, White, and Blue Threads

Red, white, and blue threads are intricately woven throughout the tartan, symbolizing the patriotic themes and the heart-stirring performances synonymous with the Tattoo

The Blue Hues

The blue hues interlaced throughout the tartan represent Virginia's flag, the Norfolk Seal, and the waters of the Hampton Roads.

The Gray Stripes

Proudly guarding the red, white, and blue stripes, the gray stripes remind us of the massive gray hulls in our harbor, and the mighty jets, whose presence overhead keep us ever mindful of the sacrifices of the brave men and women who protect our freedom.