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In-School Opportunities


Their playing was top notch (of course) but also very appropriate to their audience. As a middle school urban teacher, I so appreciate their careful programming. [I'm thankful] also for them taking the time to personally answer questions, do some private demonstrations, and just hang out and talk with the students about their careers in music.

Band Director at Northside Middle School, New England Conservatory Brass Quartet in-school performance


American Shakespeare Center On Tour

Workshops for Theater and English Students

January 17, 2018



TU Dance

Founded in 2004 by Alvin Ailey alumni Toni Pierce-Sands and Uri Sands, this 10-member, professional company is acclaimed for its diverse and versatile artists, performing work that draws together modern dance, classical ballet, African-based, and urban vernacular movements.

In-School Performances, Masterclasses, Workshops

February 12-15, 2018


Birmingham Royal Ballet

One of the world's best classical ballet companies, the Birmingham Royal Ballet is respected for its excellence, artistic innovation, and social responsibility. Their critically acclaimed performances and outstanding educational programs connect them with audiences and communities in their home city of Birmingham, throughout the U.K., and across the world.

Masterclasses, Workshops

April 16-19, 2018



Vento Chiaro

The Vento Chiaro woodwind quintet captivates audiences with engaging performances and inspiring residencies. Founded at the Peabody Conservatory in 1997, Vento Chiaro's mission is to offer performances of the highest level of artistic expression, cultivate a sense of community with audience members, and collaboratively explore works of all time periods with particular emphasis on contemporary composers.

In-School Performances, Masterclasses, Workshops

January 16-19, 2018


Charlotte Blake Alston

In-School Performances

February 5-8, 2018


Mirari Brass Quintet

Engaging and eclectic, the Mirari Brass Quintet brings a spirit of joyful collaboration and innovation to music spanning many centuries and genres. The commissioners of multiple new works for brass, the group performs a spectacular tight-rope act, balancing intensity with levity and refined virtuosity with pure fun.

In-School Performances, Masterclasses, Workshops

February 12-16, 2018


New England Conservatory Ensemble

Musicians from the prestigious New England Conservatory combine to present a wide range of repertoire, teaching students lessons about history, teamwork, and dedication along the way.

In-School Performances, Masterclasses, Workshops

March 19-23, 2018


Interested schools or groups should contact Caroline Salant, Education Manager, at education@vafest.org or by calling 757-605-3078.